Escola das Artes hosts exhibition “Conexo, Convexo, Concavo”, by Marco Fedele di Catrano

Escola das Artes will host the exhibition “Conexo, Convexo, Concavo”, by Marco Fedele di Catrano, which opens on June 20th, Thursday. From changes site-specific, Catrano's work explores the relationship between industrial architecture and its sculptural pieces, some of which are produced from industrialized objects, creating dynamics and renewed perceptions of space and objects.

Installation-based, the exhibition includes several works on different supports. A series in worksUntitled#” part of bags in supermarket banal in big ones commercial chains. Virados of inside out, the bags revelam to the your structures fibrous intertwined. Deconstructed through from the removal partial of your seams, becomethe source of one image negative molded as one relief resin acrylic. Combined It is sealed through in one process temporal of resin several layers, those becomeup to presence of the bags at your absence physical. The pArt of the bags, withdrawals after O mold, he leavesm yet some trace elements. Thus, the work addresses  he wants O object It is material industrial, globally patternOnized, he wants Os finishings in handinconstructions cheapTogether to the handrail, one model represents The constructionsRising Reversed” It is it is in relationship antithetical with The convexity from the clarabOia. To the same time, you two spaces matchup. 

Marco Fedele di Catrano is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose different creative practices aim to bridge the gap between art and society. His work in the areas of installation, sculpture, photography and video is characterized by an intuitive handling of materials, objects and spaces. Among other venues, Catrano has exhibited at the Joan Miró Foundation (Barcelona), CII Fabrika (Moscow), Ekaterina Cultural Foundation (Moscow), Haus fur Kunst Uri (Altdorf), la rada (Locarno), Kunstraum Walcheturm (Zurich), Museo Maga ( Gallarate), Museum Mestna Galerija (Lubiana), RAM radioartemobile (Rome), Gallery Mario Iannelli (Berlin), Kunstmuseum Thun (Thun), American Academy (Rome), WUK (Vienna) and Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow). He participated in the parallel program of the 54th Venice Biennale with “Extroversion”, a project by Franz West, and also participated in the Venice Architecture Biennale, in 2010, with the “Epicentro” project. He won the Swiss Federal Prize for Visual Art “Swiss Art Awards 2013”.

The opening of the exhibition takes place on June 20th, Thursday, from 6pm, at the Escola das Artes, in Campo de Ourique, and entry is free.

Postgraduate students in Illustration open collective exhibition

© Tatiana Fernandes

The students of this edition of the Postgraduate Course in Illustration present the collective exhibition “Atlas Interior”, opening on May 31st, Friday, at 6:00 pm, at Trius in São Vicente, Alfama, located in the historic building of the former Institute of Arts and Crafts of the Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation.

The exhibition brings together works created in the curricular unit Illustration Technologies, taught by illustrator Bernardo P. Carvalho. Using mixed techniques of collage and Indian ink, the illustrations reflect the students' imagination about notions of origin and belonging.

Igor Correia, Inês Duarte, Giulia Galindo, Maria Giovanna Mura, Nani Brunini, Sofia Pires, Sofia Luz, Tatiana Fernandes and Yulia Malinina are the artists represented in the exhibition.

The “Atlas Interior” exhibition is the result of a partnership between Escola das Artes and Trius and is coordinated by professor Inês Viegas Oliveira. Entry is free.


Escola das Artes presents new reading club

Aleph is the new reading club at the School of Arts at the Autonomous University of Lisbon. Dedicated to the academic community, with a special focus on students, Aleph aims to be an informal space for reflection, free debate of ideas and the promotion of critical thinking. The project will be supported by the National Reading Plan (PNL) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education as part of the creation of the Network of Reading Clubs in Higher Education.

In association with the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of April 25, 1974, the concept of freedom will be the general motto for the first year of the initiative, whose action plan includes holding a monthly reading session, as well as a visit from the group of reading club to other institutions. Mariana Rebocho, a Communication Sciences student, will be the main promoter of this club, whose sessions will also be attended by different guests, namely Portuguese-speaking authors and writers.

The first session will take place on May 24th, Friday, at 5:30 pm, at Escola das Artes, in Campo de Ourique, it will also include a brief presentation of the project and will be attended by Duarte Azinheira (INCM). The recommended books for the first session are “Noticiar a Liberdade”, which brings together several testimonies from journalists who followed the end of the dictatorship, and “Bairro das Cruzes”, by Susana Amaro Velho, a family fiction strongly marked by historical events such as the floods of Lisbon in 1967 and the political and social context of Portugal in the 60s and 70s, such as anti-fascist resistance or persecution by the political police.


Postgraduate students in Illustration participate in Ilustra 33

© Creativity Club of Portugal

Six students from Postgraduate in Illustration were selected to participate in the Ilustra33 Hackathon, a collective illustration exhibition, curated by Jorge Silva (Silvadesigners) integrated into the program of the 26th Festival do Creativity Club of Portugal, taking place in Lisbon between May 17th and 24th, 2024.

Under the motto “Do you create or do you want?”, students will be invited to perform live work on May 22nd at the Ilustra 33 Hackathon event, taking place at Hub Criativo do Beato. The event also brings together several illustrators and dozens of students from various higher education institutions in the country. The works will also be on display in the Ilustra 33 online gallery, which can be visited on the Club's website on a date to be announced.

Ilustra 33 has been part of the CCP Festival since 2013 and is a mirror of the quality and relevance of contemporary Portuguese editorial illustration, as an artistic discipline and as an integral part of media communication, across all media and digital platforms.

The event has the support of EDP and is open to the public.

Escola das Artes' professors open exhibitions

© Oh! Gallery

In April, Carolina Celas and Mariana Gomes, professors at Postgraduate in Illustration from Escola das Artes, present two exhibitions respectively.

Illustrator Carolina Celas presents the solo exhibition “Me, You and Everyone (Those We Know)”, at Ó! Gallery, in Porto. The exhibition will be on display until April 25th.

Visual artist Mariana Gomes presents the community exhibition “Feast On Canvas”, which is the result of a creative residency developed by Associação Aderno, in collaboration with Fundação Mata Nacional do Bussaco, Mealhada City Council and Luso Parish Council. . The exhibition, which also had support for the creation of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, can be visited in Vila de Luso, in Bussaco, until April 25th.

Both exhibitions have free entrance.

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